my grandfather named me,
his first grandchild, after the sun
so it makes sense that
he keeps saying he loves me the most.
For the sun
falls from the sky
every day
so the moon can share in
our light
and no love is greater than theirs.


I have always wondered if my body and I
are two rather than one,
when my knees grow weak, I ask them, very politely,
to stay strong, to hold me up
but they want me to beg
and I am on the ground

"I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind."

Anonymous said: are you a romantic?

I would say so

"My poetry needs one thing: you."

Anonymous said: I really like your music. I usually turn off music as soon as it starts. I'm glad I didn't.

Thank you, I’m glad you didn’t too. In case you (or anyone else) wondered what the songs were, here they are (in order):
MSMR - Dark Doo Wop
The Civil Wars - Tell Mama
Girl Named Toby - Holding a Heart
Daughter - Landfill
The Antlers - Putting the Dog to Sleep

apparently if you break a bone
it is stronger when it grows back,
for a period of time, at least.
perhaps that is what I am trying to do,
why else would I play
everything you said
over and over in my head?
the problem is, it leaves me in
smaller pieces, instead

I scratched my finger on the door
and winced
you asked me how much blood there was
and I said “so much”
there was nothing there and you knew it but
you smiled and kissed my finger anyway.
I bumped my head on the low ceiling
and winced
I said I was bleeding a lot
there was nothing there and you knew it but
you smiled and kissed my head anyway.
you stuck something into the ground
and I winced
you asked me what hurt
I said that “the ground hurt”
it probably didn’t and you knew it
but you smiled and kissed me anyway.
so please, my pain threshold is so low
you don’t have to hurt me to kiss me anyway

I heard that you can never die
if a writer falls in love with you
so, here I am, saving a life
but my mother says to stop it, to
stop writing
and save myself first
that it will lead to nothing
but destruction
so I no longer know whether to be
happy or scared
when I put down the pen and wonder
you got all over my hands

Anonymous said: It should be impossible for you to feel ugly, since it's the furthest thing from what you are. You're beautiful. Never forget that.

Thank you so much, I bet you radiate beauty

"Please, I want so badly for the good things to happen."

Anonymous said: I'm made of sea salt, proteins, cells that scream for love like oxygen. You're made of similar components, but there's something electrifying about you. I'm almost sure we lived thousands of lives before, but we both were not significant. I doubt you'd give me the time of day or the evening for that matter. Maybe in another life you and I collided for a brief moment, and that is probably why I decided to write you this. That is probably why you inspired me to write you this.

You are lovely, I’m sure I would give you the time of day

I always expect you to look at me
through the cracks in my
personality and to see all the
rot and the mould
but instead, you seem to look at me
like I carry the world in my pockets
and I realise that
the best of me lives in your eyes

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